5 Things About Ortho-k Lenses and Corneal Reshaping You Didn’t Know

5 Things About Ortho-k Lenses and Corneal Reshaping You Didn’t Know

5 Things About Ortho-k Lenses and Corneal Reshaping You Didn’t Know

5 Things About Ortho-k Lenses and Corneal Reshaping You Didn’t Know

Ortho-k lenses are gas permeable contact lenses designed to reshape the cornea. They work when you wear them overnight and remove them when you wake. They allow you to enjoy a clear sight throughout the day without wearing contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses.


Ortho-k lenses reshape the cornea and, as a result, correct eye conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Below are five things you did not know about ortho-k lenses and corneal reshaping.


Ortho-k Lenses Are Not a Recent Innovation


Most people think that ortho-k lenses are a recent innovation. However, people began using them during the 1940s when eye doctors discovered they could reshape corneas. Its development continued advancing over the years and became more prevalent in the 1990s.


Even so, new technologies continue to emerge to improve ortho-k lenses. It is also an effective way to reduce myopia progression in children.


Myopia Is a Global Health Concern


Over one billion individuals globally struggle with myopia. This worrying prevalence makes the condition a severe global health concern. Research shows that the numbers have a probability of increasing to close to five billion by 2050. Factors that cause this upsurge are too much screen time, spending so much time indoors, and age. 


Ortho-k lenses have been an effective myopia treatment for over 20 years. As the condition becomes more prevalent, the treatment grows in polarity and importance globally. Since myopia has become a global epidemic, ortho-k lenses have become vital for correction and stopping its progression.


Corneal Reshaping Is Not Painful, and Its Effects Last for More Than a Day


Corneal reshaping sounds like a painful process, but it is not. It does not involve squashing or squeezing as it works by using hydraulic forces. Ortho-k lenses form a fluid vault over your eyes. As a result, some parts of your cornea take less fluid as some take in more. Doing so changes your cornea shape and corrects the curvature problem temporarily.


Patients should wear their orthokeratology lenses every night to get the best results. However, the effects of doing so can last for more than one day. It is common for patients to enjoy clear vision for two days after wearing the lenses for one night.


You can wear your ortho-k lenses during the day, but they are more comfortable if worn overnight while you sleep as they reshape your cornea. Ideally, you should wear them every night.


Ortho-k Lenses and Corneal Reshaping Benefit Children More 


Ortho-k lenses are effective on almost every patient. However, children benefit most from it as they are the best candidates. Other corrective methods like LASIK surgery are not suitable for them.


Children who prefer not to wear prescription glasses achieve excellent results with orthokeratology. It is effective in treating and managing myopia in children.


Fitting Require Multiple Visits


One fitting is not enough to get a correct fit for ortho-k lenses. You will need to go for multiple visits over several weeks. The process involves several temporary lens sets to get the ideal fit and optimal results.


For more about ortho-k lenses and corneal reshaping, call ReEnvision Eye Care at (469) 908-8282 to reach our office in Frisco, Texas. 

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