Tips for Managing Winter Dry Eye

Tips for Managing Winter Dry Eye

Tips for Managing Winter Dry Eye

Tips for Managing Winter Dry Eye

Most people experience dry and uncomfortable eyes due to harsh climate or weather effects. The harsh winter is stressful not just to the skin but also to the eyes. During the winter months, moisture in the air drops. 

It can adversely affect the eyes, leaving them feeling dry, itchy, and uncomfortable. For people with dry eye condition, winter can worsen the symptoms of the disease. Here are tips for managing winter dry eye. 


Using Artificial Tears 


Eye drops or artificial tears can help keep the eyes well-lubricated. They act as a substitute for natural tears. They are ideal when the eyes fail to produce enough fluid to maintain the needed moisture. Over-the-counter eye drops can help relieve the symptoms of mild dry eye. They can be used as often as necessary during winter to increase moisture and maintain comfort. 


Blinking Often 


Most people blink less often when it is cold, especially when using digital devices. Blinking is vital as it helps keep the eyes healthy and lubricated. It constantly redistributes the tear film across the eyes. It helps ensure that the eyes remain moist and hydrated. 


Warm Compress


Using a warm compress over the eyelids each night can help manage winter dry eye. The compress helps soothe irritated eyes while also working to open blocked oil glands. Making this a part of your routine before bedtime or every morning can help improve eye moisture. Use a wet washcloth to make a compress, and place it over the eyes. 


Using a Humidifier


The cold winter means that indoor heating is necessary. Dry heat can exacerbate dry eye symptoms. Avoid sitting directly opposite a heat source. Investing in a humidifier can help protect your eyes. Keep the humidifier all night. You can place one on your desk as in the office. It will help prevent eye dryness throughout the day. 


Cleaning the Eyelids


The eyelids contain glands that produce oil for the tear film. The oil helps maintain tear quality, preventing the quick evaporation of tears. The meibomian glands can become blocked, affecting oil production. Cleaning the eyelids will keep them free of debris and makeup. Keeping the glands healthy also helps prevent clogging.  


Staying Hydrated


Most people drink plenty of water during hot days but fail to do the same during winter. It is vital to stay hydrated during winter to keep the skin and eyes healthy. Keeping the eyes hydrated will prevent dryness. You can add a slice of lemon to make the water more appealing. Limit your intake of beverages that contain caffeine, as they can cause dehydration and worsen dry eye. 


Wearing Sunglasses


Contrary to what most people believe, sunglasses are not a summer accessory. Protect your eyes from UV rays, even during winter. The harmful rays can reflect off snow, ice water, and other shiny surfaces. To manage winter dry eye, wear your sunglasses even when it is cloudy outside. 


If you experience severe dry eye symptoms, visit your eye doctor before winter begins. A winter checkup can help manage the condition effectively. The doctor can recommend treatment options to relieve your condition. Eating a healthy diet can also help improve your ocular health.


For more tips for managing winter dry eye, visit ReEnvision Eye Care at our Frisco, Texas office. Call (469) 908-8282 to schedule an appointment today.

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